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Happily Ever After

Stop Stressing, Feel  Amazing and Take Your Power Back.

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We know, We know.
Not having everything you want is a b*tch.
You do what you were taught to do to succeed in all areas of your life, don't you?
Yet, here you are.

You spend (waste) countless moments of your life living in lack and scarcity...focused on what you DON'T have rather than on what you DO have. 

You watch video after video about the Law of Attraction and Law of Assumption as if your life depends on it...but when you try it yourself, it never seems to work.

One minute you want nothing more than to have a loving relationship with your specific person, millions of dollars in the bank and a fulfilling career...heck, you'd even settle for having what all your friends seem to have (but why can't you even acquire that?!?). 

You scour the internet looking for answers and just as soon as you come across something that (sort of) makes sense, you're bombarded by an endless deluge of conflicting information. YOU'RE EXPERIENCING INFORMATION OVERLOAD. What's the actual truth about how to find everlasting happiness, anyway??? 


No matter what you try, you're left in the exact same position you're in now.  Actually, you've made it worse with each new tactic...every new meditation, tarot reading and reiki session you employ (more on this in a sec).

Wanting desperately to get back the relationship you once had with your specific person...
Needing to get your bank balance out of the negative...
Trying an endless stream of deadend jobs hoping to find your purpose...

And you're starting to wonder if maybe you haven't tried enough, thinking that maybe if you could better visualize your desires or stay more on top of your mental diet happiness would finally be yours.  Maybe doing the revision technique or SATS one more time will finally be the time that the answer to your dreams will finally show up. 

Spoiler Alert: It won't.

Or maybe you're thinking (grasping at straws) that you can simply forget about your twin flame and move on.  Spoiler Alert: You can't.

Here's the truth:  What you've been doing so far hasn't worked...and it has only succeeded in making you feel worse and build up your resistance even more. In order to change that, you first must change how you feel inside.

Here's the deal: Whether or not you want a relationship with your SP, more money in the bank or want to look and feel different than you do right now, the solution is the same...
Feeling Amazing.
Before you can have anything and everything you want in your outside world,  you MUST understand one simple truth. You have to feel whole, complete, joyful, abundant and full of love within yourself before what you think will make you feel those things can show up in your outer world .

It's Universal Law. 

The Universal Law of Correspondence, to be exact.

Everyone always focuses on one Universal Law (the Law of Attraction), yet they forget about or ignore the other ones.

How does that make sense?

Why only try to harness the power of one law when you can harness the power of all of them?

This is where the Law of Attraction/Assumption experts get it all wrong.
(And why it's not your fault that you can';t seem to intentionally create the life that you want).

You deserve everything you desire.  It's your divine right. In fact, it's already yours.

*  You are whole and perfect just as you are
* You ARE priceless and worth so much more than anything you could ever physically manifest 
* YOU are the most powerful creator and god or goddess of your world

... then (and ONLY then) do you experience true FREEDOM, POWER and LOVE (the space you MUST be in for your badass, all-powerful self to attract everything you desire into your life).
Imagine living your life as your true, authentic self (with peace, love, happiness, abundance and purpose), wielding your power and invoking whatever the fuck you want whenever the fuck you want it.
Happily Ever After
The instantly accessible, comprehensive course designed to have you feeling bliss, peace and love;    and show you how to harness and wield the true power of your soul so that you can be, do and have everything that you desire and find your happily ever after.
Hey! My name is Elle Hari. I'm a twin flame alchemist, teacher, #1 international bestselling author of "Twin Flames Exposed", "Love Exposed" and "Savvy Spirituality: The Sophisticated, Fun & Fabulous Person's Ultimate Guide to Everlasting Happiness" as well as creator of "The Process: The Sacred Teachings That Hold the Key to Being with Your Twin Flame for Good"; the world famous, 100% successful Magnetize Your Twin Flame Coaching Program and the Mastery of Ascension Coaching Program. 


When my twin flame left me, I couldn't get up off the floor for 6 months. It literally felt like my insides were ripped from my body. I couldn't function, and I wanted to die. My kids were 5 and 2 years old at the time, and I knew I had to do something in order to be the kind of mother they deserved. 


I went searching for help from 13 different spiritual advisors, psychics, spellcasters and even a voodoo mambo. Nothing any of them said or did helped me feel better. 

Finally, 6 months into dealing with this torture, I met my great, late teacher who totally saved my life. She taught me the sacred teachings that hold the key to being with your twin flame for good and, within 4 months, my twin flame was back in my life after having completely blocked me for almost an entire year. 

Even more importantly, her teachings contained an even greater truth.  They contained within them the secret to everlasting happiness in ALL areas of life.

Not only was my twin flame back into my life, but all of my other relationships improved and toxic people simply disappeared from my life - without any drama or bullshit. 

My purpose found me, and I now have a thriving family of companies serving others in sacred divinity.

My physical health and energy levels have never been better.

I no longer get stressed out about things.

I'm decisive and enjoy complete clarity about what I want and where I'm headed in life.

My psychic senses have opened up, and I am able to receive and interpret divine guidance from my guides, angels, ancestors and, yes, even my beloved teacher.

Most importantly, I live with the certainty that no matter what I need or desire, I will always get it.

You, too, will get here through what you will learn in the Happily Ever After Online Course!


Intentionally creating whatever you desire is YOUR spiritual journey. 


It's one of empowerment and self-love. 

You have a divine right to all that you desire. 

Your soul is ready for you to claim it.

You are not alone. 

Much Love...Elle XOXO

You might be thinking..."This all sounds great, but do I really need another program to help me?"

After all, you're tired of wasting time, money and energy on methods that cause you to get your hopes up but then, inevitably, disappoint.

Here's how the Happily Ever After online course is different from any other Law of Attraction or Neville Goddard program, course or methods out there...

  •  You will be able to get out of your own way by putting an end to the persistent and self-sabotaging thoughts and doubts about what you want
  • You will FINALLY learn the truth about ALL of the powerful Universal Laws and how to use them to help you create the life of your dreams
  • ​You will  naturally STOP OBSESSING  about not having what you want within the first 2 modules
  • ​You will step into your power as the god/goddess of your existence and the most powerful energy in the are BOSS and are unstoppable!
  • ​Access the entire course materials through the convenience of an app right on your phone

What Others Are Saying About Elle's Programs...


I’m so very grateful for Elle. Before this, I felt awful. I was beyond my skills and abilities to lead a “regular life”. I had physical ailments and medical issues that went unexplained. I felt very out of my depth and uncomfortable. Through this journey with Elle, I learned incredible new skills. Now, I’m more balanced, peaceful, and calm. I also magnetized my Twin Flame, so my journey continues. Thank you!.”

- Julia



“Just watched week 1 of the Mastery of Ascension Alchemy after I read the book. 
Just wanted to say: this is mindblowing 🤩
I’m studying the Law of Attraction for over 10 years already and I never heard something like what Elle is explaining here.
I also never resonated this much with videos about the LoA, like I resonate with this.
Because it’s the only truth I guess 😄💕
Thanks so much for this Elle Hari!"

“Before I started this program I was a wreck. I had obsessive me 

- Anna

What's Included In Your Course

Happily Ever After Online Course  

ONLY $997 $497
or 4 Interest Free Payments of $124.25 

For a LIMITED Time

~ Access to the exact training modules from the Mastery of Ascension Alchemy Coaching Program ($2000 Value)

~ FREE Copy of Elle's #1 International Bestselling Book: 
Savvy Spirituality - The Sophisticated, Fun & Fabulous Person's Ultimate Guide To Everlasting Happiness

Now YOU can benefit from the same teachings that have helped thousands of people find peace, happiness, abundance and love.
Will it work for you, too?

Great question! The action items shared in this course can't NOT work as long as you commit to implementing it with 100% trust and belief. It's based on Divine Truth which makes it 100% foolproof.  



In fact, it works SO well, that: 



* It doesn't matter if your specific person has completely blocked you from his/her life or is currently in a relationship with someone else.
* It doesn't matter what your current financial situation is or if you are in debt.

* It doesn't matter if you hate your current job.

* It doesn't matter what your current body image is.

* It doesn't matter if you are skeptical or have doubts, fears, worries or limiting beliefs.

Just follow the trainings and implement the guidance provided.

It really is that simple!

You can work on your own timetable as you will receive immediate access to all of the modules. 

Don't waste another minute being miserable. 

Discover your Happily Ever After today!

ONLY $997  $497

Hurry! This insane price drop is for the New won't last long.

~ Access to the EXACT same learning modules from the Mastery of Ascension Alchemy Coaching Program


“My purpose at the start of this journey was to “get that Twin Flame” but it’s more than that – I got me back! Not only have I magnetized my Twin Flame, I’ve magnetized abundant energy from the source/universe. I’m no longer chained to my thoughts. I’m free. I’m the divine goddess I’m meant to be. There were challenges but if you stick to the program and use the support provided, you will master and balance out again. I cannot thank you enough!”

- Ann


“This program has been the most beneficial thing I have ever done for the betterment of my existence. It has brought clarity, peace, understanding, purpose and so much more. The lessons are simple but powerful. And it’s not just “educational” helping you to understand what is happening and why, but provides the action steps necessary to be able to bring it all into balance. I can honestly say that for the first time in my life I am in charge of my own joy. And what peace this has brought. So powerful! Additionally, and the most helpful part of the whole experience, especially in the beginning, is being surrounded by such a loving support group. This journey can be a lonely one at times, and before I started this program I felt very lost and isolated. I was in such turmoil. But with Elle, as a loving and caring coach, along with the others in the group navigating their own journeys….I was not (and know that I am still not) ever alone. What a sweet and encouraging environment. Very effective. Much love and gratitude, Elle!”

- Jessi



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